Easy to Use

“Another plugin. Granular synthesis now.” “It sounds amazing.” “Yes. Versatile, fun. And easy to use. I’m worried about the usual stuff.” “…” “Where does one find the composer? Or the composer’s identity, more specifically? This vanishes behind the technical and aesthetic sovereignty of the work tool, of the instrument.” “…” “And I also perceive a … Continue reading Easy to Use

absent tonics

“Marvelous phenomenon, stasis in musical discourse. It reigns supreme over genres, styles and schools of thought. The art of sound expanding not only in space but in time, crystallized in eternal instants that neither move forward nor cease their advance. Minimalist object of study of minimalism. But not only of minimalism. The variation form (a … Continue reading absent tonics

Social Memedia

We don’t have much gear. We create music in the most sterile of studios, following the most sober of compositional procedures. Keyboard and mouse, and headaches, and meticulous stubbornness (or stubborn meticulousness). Apart from the music that comes out of our headquarters that does get to see the light of day, we find (we feel) … Continue reading Social Memedia

if gravity binds, other forces must surely repel

“I felt free. Perhaps overwhelmed by an excess of compositional possibilities. I am suddenly reminded of the Russian Suprematists, but such a comparison does not seem appropriate here: do I set off from the conceptualization of a negative space that, in this case, I actually choose to fill? (First, is the distinction between negative space … Continue reading if gravity binds, other forces must surely repel

dry sand

“When we at cosmic lithium speak of a ‘gritty rendition’ (on a laptop, one might add), we are not mistaken. Underneath the froth of the primordial reverb lies formal conciseness: down-to-earth dream pop-rock, or sedimented sand. The extended harmonies might be inescapable, though: do away with them too and ask yourself where Alison, her cigarette, … Continue reading dry sand