Our Emotional State of Choice

Some time ago, in an interview for the Journal of Electromusical Inquiries, Kerban reminisced: “Nights of Bus. Nights of Cinesa at Manoteras. Nights of Cinesa at Manoteras plus Bus. Nights of Destino. Nights of Wrong Way, Maravillas and other Malasaña dives. Nights of Wild Thing. Nights of Siroco and Mondo (of course!). Nights of ‘tercios’, … Continue reading Our Emotional State of Choice


“From a distance, the forms, techniques, and building materials of music may seem to be cumulative, like a technological tradition. But music is not a branch of technology, though it is affected by technological developments. It is more like philosophy, which may also give a superficial impression of being evolutionary. Each apparently new idea in … Continue reading Ethnodebate

Easy to Use

“Another plugin. Granular synthesis now.” “It sounds amazing.” “Yes. Versatile, fun. And easy to use. I’m worried about the usual stuff.” “…” “Where does one find the composer? Or the composer’s identity, more specifically? This vanishes behind the technical and aesthetic sovereignty of the work tool, of the instrument.” “…” “And I also perceive a … Continue reading Easy to Use

Extended Fibbbi

Imaginary, fantastic, fictitious, illusory, unreal, surreal, extraterrestrial, opulent, plastic, artificial, oneiric, hallucinatory, bittersweet, pink, brown, blue landscapes. Olga S. Ortiz returns once more to visually anchor another cover by Fibbbi: this time an extended retelling of “everything i wanted”, by Billie Eilish. Give it a listen this coming Friday, September 3, on the usual online … Continue reading Extended Fibbbi

Social Memedia

We don’t have much gear. We create music in the most sterile of studios, following the most sober of compositional procedures. Keyboard and mouse, and headaches, and meticulous stubbornness (or stubborn meticulousness). Apart from the music that comes out of our headquarters that does get to see the light of day, we find (we feel) … Continue reading Social Memedia

Gravity that Binds

Segundo plato. ¡Que aproveche! :) Caterina Barbieri – Gravity that Binds [Fibbbi cover] [Fantastic] Artwork by Olga S. Ortiz! ¡Un millón de gracias, oyentes y lectores! [if gravity binds, other forces must surely repel] “Me sentí libre. Quizá desbordado ante un exceso de posibilidades compositivas. De repente me acuerdo de los suprematistas rusos, pero tal … Continue reading Gravity that Binds

Fibbbi’s Sophomore Effort

Tras dos meses de silencio (que no inactividad), nos llena de orgullo y satisfacción anunciar el pronto retorno de Fibbbi a las habituales plataformas de música online. Estad atentos, pues, este próximo viernes 4 de junio, a la publicación de “Caterina Barbieri – Gravity that Binds [Fibbbi cover]“. ¡Y atentos también al portadón de Olga … Continue reading Fibbbi’s Sophomore Effort


Aquí David Herradón, al teclado del ordenata, a los mandos del aparato. Os escribo hoy, con la admisión de una poca de vergüenza, para hacer público el perfil de cosmic lithium en Patreon. Para quienes no estén familiarizados con aqueste nombre, Patreon es una plataforma de micromecenazgo para proyectos creativos: una web que permite a … Continue reading Patreon